Tuesday learning

Hopefully you’ve all had the chance to complete some of the learning form yesterdays blog as you will need some of the information to complete todays.

Maths/Research/Literacy: Create a Venn diagram on Bees (a specific type or just in general) and Wasps. Things they have the same will go in the middle part (where the 2 circles join). This is an example of a Venn diagram below based of Whales and Fish.

Music: listening to the ‘The Flight of the bumblebee’ by Rimsky Korsakov, what instruments are being used and why do you think he has used them? Listen to how the tempo changes, why do you think this is? Can you create part of this song yourself using what you have around the house? Pots, pans, instruments you may have or self made ones (Sorry Mums and Dads…).

P.E: With inspiration from ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’, think about how you could move your bodies to the music. Think about different levels and speeds but also why this might be (are they rushing away, are they slurping up the nectar, are they being social with other bumblebees etc).

ICT: Using your amazing ICT skills and thinking about bees and flowers, research the different flowers identified with each country in the U.K. and why it’s important & other facts. For example, England’s flower would be the Rose.

Hope you have a lovely day of learning and looking to forward to seeing this learning all over the blog!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.