Thursdays learning.

To keep those creative juices flowing, I thought a touch of music would be lovely today!

Music: using words for describing sounds (We did this before the holidays – Onomatopoeia). Making sounds from different objects around the house/garden. This will be an excellent link to the Jack and the beanstalk story. For example, Giants footsteps – bang saucepans, growing of the bean stalk – gentle tap different pieces of metal etc.

Numeracy: Linking with our measurements, I would now like you to look at how heavy things are! Look at different items around the house or garden (even use fruit and veg!). If you are lucky enough to have some weighing scales in the house, use those! Write down how heavy the item is in a table. If not, don’t worry! You can compare a weight to another item – I would need 4 apples to feel the same weight as 1 can on beans. Also, I would like you to think about how different objects are measured and what they are measured in, grams, kilograms, stone etc.

Zumba/dance – found this Minion inspired dance/Zumba routine that you will probably LOVE (i apologise to any parents in advance…)

Lego challenge – Make the Giants castle from Jack and the beanstalk. This make sure you do Jacks house too so you can see the difference in size!

Stay safe and have a lovely day!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.