Thursday learning

You have had so much to do this week already and I am loving the photos you have sent in!

Please remember that presentation is still very important. Please help promote this at home by making sure writing stays on the line, letters are the same size, expectations of having neat handwriting and there is use of clear ascenders/descenders. Also, please ensure that ‘!‘ are being used appropriately and not used instead of a full stop. It is important to not get in to this habit. Please see the URL below for any help with this.

We are still going with the bee theme for the last remaining days of this week.

Science: We have done a lot of learning about Bees so far this week, now I want you to look at the ‘anatomy’ of a bee. (Great key word there – get the dictionaries out). Looking for a diagram of a bee (your choice which one) and it must be labelled (parts). As a further challenge (I will expect lots to do this one…) I’d like you to compare 2 bees of your choice. What do they have that’s the same and this will link in all your research from this week too. You can display this anyway you like, 2 diagrams, diagram and tables or get creative with it!

Literacy/research – Over the last 2 weeks we have been looking at plants, flowers, insects and everything we may be lucky enough to have in the gardens. Now, I want you to think about ‘What we need Verses What plants need’. Think about a flower, another plant such as a tree or cactus, and then us (humans) and what we need. Are there an similar things we need? Any thing that one plant needs but another doesn’t?

Art- flower/leaf press print and looking at the different designs/prints that happen from a range of plants. When Mr Fox and I spoke about this one, Mr Fox got very excited and I have to halt his ideas and remind him that sadly we aren’t in school 🙁 but hopefully you will cheer us up and send us your lovely prints! I think Mr Fox may be doing his prints onto a t-shirt…

PSHE/D.T: Create a healthy meal or snack based on what you have learnt on what we need to be healthy. Think about what makes a meal/snack healthy and why? Different types of foods and what they give to the body. (send in your photos!)

Looking forward to seeing todays learning. Have fun!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.