Monday learning.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

To kick start this week, we are having a Zoom call (Monday at 11a.m. – make sure you are out of your PJS… I will be!) and we will be looking at a new story book to – The very greedy bee. Please find link below.

Please look at the language used (lots of Onomatopoeia and speech), there are lots of opportunities to stop and discuss the punctuation and what’s going on, what you might do differently, predictions and PSHE about being kind.

ICT/Research: Following from The very greedy bee, using your ICT or research skills (if you are lucky enough to have books on bees/insects), find out about different types of bees. What makes them the same, different, where do they live, why? how do they build it? (You WILL need some of this information for activities continuing throughout the week).

P.E – Lets see what Joe Wicks is going to do today….(i’m slightly worried!)

Spelling/Topic words: hive, sting, fly, black, yellow, eats, flowers, honey, nectar, wax. Challenge: colony, floral, fragrant, blossom, allergy, solitary, fertilise, domestic. Again some of these topic words will be needed during your learning throughout the week!

Try and find out what some of these words mean using a dictionary (please try and use a dictionary book if possible, but I understand if this is not).

My maths has been uploading activities and as far as I can see, everything has been uploaded. Please let me know if there is an issue. There will be Maths posted tomorrow on the blog as well!

Please know I am not expecting every piece of learning on the blog to be completed as I know lots of you are doing home learning in a range of ways (building, cooking etc). These are activities and learning that I have linked with our creative curriculum to try and keep the children on track with what we would have been doing this term in school and to give you all a wide variety.

Although I am not expecting all of this learning to be completed each day, there is an expectation that some pieces are completed from the blog/my maths daily.

Have a great day and can’t wait to see you all!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.