Friday learning.

Mrs Eastbrook mentioned in the news letter this week that the value we are looking at this term is Courage and a good linking story to this value is David and Goliath. Why was David courageous? What are the important points to this story? One key point I thought about and really liked is that you should always be bigger than your fears and that way you can believe it’s possible!

Science: Going back to our lovely book, for the last day of the week, I would like you to look at the life cycle of a bee. Be creative in how you show this, use diagrams, key words, explanations (if known). Get creative! Below are some examples of different ways to complete the life cycle.

P.E: Create an obstacle course. Thinking about using the space in your garden or in the house. Pretend you are a very busy bee and need to get around to the flowers. Going above the flowers to look down, speeding through the leaves, jumping from flower to flower, hiding or making yourself small so humans or other animals don’t see you.


Year 1s: make an information leaflet/poster. You will need use the topic words from this week, maybe their meanings and any interesting facts you know about Bees that will help people want to save them! Year 2s: create a booklet to save the bees. In your booklet you should have points on why bees are important. I will be looking for the use of topic words and their meanings, the use of FULL sentences about Bees including description and grouping ideas (using subheadings/questions). Must have a variation of sentence starters too.

This is a great idea on how you can link all your previous learning this week and your booklet/leaflet together.

Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday for our next Zoom call – 11a.m. again!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.