Learning activities

Morning all!

I hope you’ve been keeping your bodies fit with Joe Wicks over these past few days. I did one yesterday and now I am finding walking difficult today -the pain!

Audio book – Today is Humbert the hungry baby! I haven’t heard this one, so i’ll be listening too! https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

Literacy – Hope the animal files went well yesterday for those of you that completed them! As for today, I would like the children to make or do something and think about the instruction side. Whether thats a simple cup of tea, doing the washing, making their favourite sandwich… This is a lovely link into applying literacy and life skills together. Year 1 focus: To have an awareness of chronological order where appropriate e.g. actions numbered. This is a nice and easy one! I want you to remember those ‘Bossy verbs’ we did a few weeks back as well! Challenge for year 1: Simple viewpoint can be given (This is a year 2 objective but I think lots will easily achieve this!) For example, First, choose your sandwich filling. I have chosen strawberry jam because… Year 2 focus: Time openers (first, next and finally) and also giving a viewpoint, although I am expecting it to be extended (using a subordinating connective – when, however, because, until, before, although. For example: First, choose your favourite sandwich filling. I have chosen a sweet and sticky strawberry jam, however my mum would choose crunchy peanut butter! Challenge for year 2: please add multiple adverbs into your writing. For example: Then, slowly pour the boiling water into your mug. Please send any pictures of learning into the office. Mr Fox and I would love to see what the children are up to!

Lego challenge: You enter a competition and it’s to build the tallest tower ever! Will you win?

Fine motor skills: I know the lego challenge is connected to fine motor skills but if you want some variety (and not constant Lego) try to use other activities to strengthen the muscles. Play dough – make letters, numbers, shapes out of play dough. Make a list of what they have to make, cut it up and put into a bag, That way, the children pick from the bag and read what it says. Links fine motor and reading! Tweezers – using tweezers to pick up beads, earrings, pasta, rice etc. Put it from one wall to another. You can make it a competition against the clock or a sibling!

The secret garden.

Our new topic this term was linked to gardening, flowers and lots of science based around that. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, go out and have a look at the flowers. Think of the parts and why we need them, why do the bees need them? I will be linking some learning to this at the end of the week!

I hope you have a lovely day and lets hope the sun keeps sun shining to keep us extra smiley!

Be safe!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.