Learning activities and Lego Challenge.

Morning all!

I hope everyone is keeping well…

Im going to focus today and tomorrows learning mainly around life skills! The children have loads of learning in their packs, I’ve overloaded the blog already with activities (and other teachers are too) and there are new my maths activities on today! Please do not think we want all of these activities to be completed on the daily, these are ideas on what you could do instead of the packs we sent home or as an alternative if you have already completed.

Daily Lego challenge – Someone in the family wants to build a new home and they have hired YOU as their architect (look up meaning/job) and their builder! You have a very busy day ahead of you!

Life skills!

  1. Knowing their address and/or phone number – You’ll be surprised at just how many of the children do not know one of these! They’ll know the actual house number but not the street or tell you the street and what their house looks like. This is a very important skill to know, just in case they ever need it.
  2. Tying their shoe laces – This is a skill that requires a lot of fine motor skills and concentration. It can be quite frustrating for the child and the parent so, the earlier they learn, the more independent they’ll be and you’ll be strengthening their fine motor skills everyday from this everyday skill. I’ve attached a youtube video of a suggest method by an Occupational Therapist (O.T) for those children who don’t quite have the fine motor skills they need just yet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqPCGGHoxs Although, feel free to use your own method – I always use the ‘bunny ears’ method as it gives them a visual 🙂
  3. Sorting the washing This is an essential life skill for everyone to have! It teaches the children about cleanliness, organisation and proportions and so much more! Teach them how to sort one colour/load for now, where to put the washing powder/gel/tabs and what button they can press. My mam had a little sticker on the one button I was allowed to use and now I do the same for my Fiancé… Just joking! (Maybe…)

Mrs Fowler is at school most mornings to pass on any emails or messages, so any questions please feel free to contact us!

I hope you all have a lovely and safe day!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox