Home learning

Morning all,

I hope everyone is well and is keeping safe! I know you have lots of learning to do at home with the packs we sent (some are in the post)- try not to overload the children … a few pieces a day is fine 🙂

I have put my maths on (every Friday like usual) but there are a few extra pieces on there at the moment too.

I will be posting a daily fine motor skills activities involving lego, playdoh etc (this will be an important skill to keep improving and strengthening).

Academics are important of course! But also use this time to teach the children life skills! Cooking, make tea/coffee, tie laces, zip up coats etc. Use this time to make them independent too!

If you need anything, please email the office and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Be safe and i’ll keep updating the blog!

Miss Jenkins