End of year poems

Before our afternoon disco we wrote end of year poems on the theme of the class. We used adjectives and verbs that we thought described us to come up with our poems. Here they are.

Class 2
Noisy shouting,
Friendly jumping,
Lovely playing,
Mischevious discovering,
Best writing,
Messy cutting,
Crazy laughing.
Class 2
Honest talking,
Kind acting,
Crazy dancing,
Sensible playing,
Awesome working,
Noisy shouting,
Cheeky learning,
Nice thinking,
Small painting,
Messy glueing.
Big laughing,
Beautiful singing,
Nice dancing,
Funny giggling,
Messy learning,
Fabulous writing,
Great playing,
Fun running,
Loud talking,
Good painting,
Bright learning.
Class 2
Nice thinking,
Kind skipping,
Friendly helping,
Noisy learning,
messy playing,
Lovely learning,
Big counting,
Smart working.
Large laughing,
Friendly playing,
Nice working,
Don’t punch anything,
Clean flooring,
Clever activng,
Bold writing,
Kind talking,
Super learning.