Half Term Homework

I hope you are enjoying your break, Class 2. Well done for your hard work last half term, especially your story writing. Below is some homework for you to get ready for next half term.


Keep reading your school book. Focus on what you think will happen next. This could be as you read it, or when you finish – What do you think happened to the characters after?

I would also like you to practise explaining your ideas. Choose one of the topics below to practise with an adult.

  • Should children be allowed sparklers on bonfire night?
  • If you could be an owl or a fox, which would you choose?
  • Look at the stars at night. What patterns can you see? Where is your pattern? Why did you choose your pattern or shape?

With all of these try to take your time and do not get distracted by other things.


To practise your word classes (noun, verb, adjective) try coming up with a short autumn poem. Use the pattern one noun, two adjectives and three verbs.


Yellow, crunchy,

Floating, drifting, twirling

You could even add adverbs (ly words).

Bring them back with you to share with the class.


Last week we introduced money. This is a great way to practise addition and subtraction. We made amounts using different value coins and pretended to be shopkeepers giving change. You could set up your own pretend shops or help out with the actual shopping.

For year 1, keep practising your number onds to 20 as well. For year 2, I have set some mymaths homework to practise this too.

Mr Salmon