Marvelous Mildene Melodies


On Friday, Class 2 went for a music trip. They sung songs with lots of other schools so that they could learn to be the best singers ever!


First they got onto a colourful coach to Tiptree. On the way the children talked and sang excitedly. On arriving at Mildene we joined over 150 children in the hall.


Then we started singing, It was ear-poppingly loud but very nice to listen to. Our teacher taught us how to use our voice and add instruments and actions to the songs. Our favourite was Groovy Grandma, which we loved so much that we sung it more than once.


“It was the best day of my life,” said Edward (7).


Emilia (8) whispered, “my favourite part was singing with everyone and having fun.”


The whole class is desperate to go again because it was an amazing experience. Thank you for all the people who helped us on the day.


– written by Class 2