Easter Writing Homework

To get ready for our new topic I have set some writing homework, below. The children should also have some spellings and some online maths homework too.

Easter Homework – Writing

  • Next term we will be travelling way back to the Stone Age! Choose at least one of these activities to get you ready for it.
  • Write a recount (a record or diary) of a day in the past. What did you do, what challenges did you face? Did you meet a sabre-tooth tiger? Where did you live? – make sure you include lots of description and punctuation.

  • Look at the area around your home. How old is it? What is the oldest part? How do you know? Hint: the oldest houses are often made of natural materials (wood or stone). Draw and label a picture or bring in some photos of what you’ve found.

  • Find a small box (make sure you don’t need it for anything else) and use it to make a diorama (or small model) of what you imagine the area you live looked in the past. This could be as simple as cut out paper, or include small models.