Bug Club

It has been lovely to see so many children accessing the e books on bug club, well done. Unfortunately, their achievements are not being recording as I believe you are missing a vital component for the read to be marked as complete.

Please follow these instructions.

When you open the e book you will see this page. You must click on the bug to begin the book.

When you have finished the activity the bug will look asleep and you can continue reading.

Once you have read the book to the end, click on the bug to complete the quiz.

You will then get a screen where you can close the book. You can see both bugs are asleep and complete.

You will then get a pop up saying how many points your child has received and they can review the book.

Once all this is complete, it will show up on my Bug Club as book completed. I am extremely happy at the engagement at home and look forward to more parents engaging with this to support reading at home. 

Thank you

Happy reading!

Mrs Whybrow and Mr Este