Earrings on P.E Days

Hello all,

Please remember that on P.E days (Tues a.m. and Fri a.m. – Class 2 and Tues p.m. – Class 1) earrings can not be worn.

If earrings are worn that day, the child must be able to take them out independently. Tape can not be worn over the earrings as this is against Essex health and safety regulations and adults within the school are not allowed to take them out.

Please refer back to the welcome booklet where it stated:

Essex Health and Safety rules require that all jewellery is to be removed for PE learning. It does not allow for taping of earrings any longer and any worn must be removed by the pupil. If your child cannot remove earrings themselves then please do so for them before they come to school on PE days.

Thank you for your support and if there are any questions please feel free to contact myself or the school.

Mrs Archer.