Zones of Regulation

Good morning all,

As a whole school approach, we will be introducing the Zones of Regulation to the children today.

The Zones of Regulation is about self regulation. It is a tool that helps children identify, address and use strategies to achieve self control and emotional regulation in a safe and non judgemental way.

The Zones are set into 4 colours:

Blue: sadness, tired, sick, bored

Green: happy, OK, focused, ready to learn.

Yellow: nervous, worried, confused, unfocused.

Red: angry, mad, annoyed, scared, disgusted, jealous, out of control.

To make it even more relatable and engaging for some of our children, we have linked it to the Pixar film, Inside out. Where the characters are based on emotions. Please refer to image below.

Around the school, the children will have access to posters as well as a problem solving wheel. The poster clearly explains feelings and sets out a coloured zone, where they can use the vocabulary to help them voice their emotions or simply say a colour to establish their emotions.

If you require any further information on this new strategy, please ask a member of staff or myself and we can support wherever we can.

Mrs Archer.