Thursday 4th March

Good morning,

I hope you are all well and getting excited about returning to class.

Today, I would like you to research the life cycle of a bee.

Year One, can you find the definition of the following words;
larva and pupa
Following your research, can you make a bee life cycle diagram. Present it how you like but think about the use of the word ‘cycle’ when you complete the task.

I want you to go back to our story of the Bumblebear.

Can you design a leaflet advertising a bee school.

Think about the words you will use, it will have to be exciting and interesting enough to get bees or bears to join.

Add some pictures to give it more depth.

For Maths today, please practice your addition, Y1 also include subtraction facts to 20.

Have a good day.
Mrs Whybrow