Busy Bumblebears 2nd March

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed making your baby bee today. Has anyone had a bee disaster yet? Remember to make the bee a comfy place to live and take great care of it. Maybe give it a name!

I would like you to think about our Bumble bear story. What did bear want more than anything? Was it really only the honey he wanted or something more? Now think of yourself and where you belong, where do you fit in? We have our families, our class family, clubs etc Why do think it is so important that we belong within different groups in our community? What do we get from these? If you think of our class family, we all get a sense of being one big team. We all care about each other and make sure we are happy. It helps us feel safe and secure together which means we feel good about ourselves. Plus, remember that we are the best class in school!!!

Now, this week we are going to be investigating pollination. I would like you to research what pollination means, how it happens and why it is so important. Once you have done this, I would like you to design a garden especially for Pollinators. Research what plants, shrubs and trees you would put in it. Label your pictures so that I know which plants you have chosen. We could even take your designs into our outdoor area!

Maths today:

Year one and R challenge


Mrs Whybrow