Tuesday 2nd Feb.

Hello, I hope you had a great day yesterday.

I think we need to start the day with a shake up.

For Maths today, I would like you to explore patterns and symmetry. Think back to the animals you painted yesterday, did you use patterns such as zig zags etc? With the link below, you can create symmetrical patterns. Symmetry means it is identical in shape or pattern if you were to put a mirror in the middle. Think about a butterfly, the pattern and colour of the wings are identical or symmetrical. Explore the tool in the link below and see what symmetry can do.


Year one, I want to know whether these shapes are symmetrical and if so how many lines of symmetry there are. A shape can have more than one.






Semi circle

Trapezium (research this shape if you are unsure what it looks like)

Reception phonics, I have discovered a cool website to help with your reading. This game is super fun.


Reception challenge and Year ones, I would like you to try this tricky word spelling game.


Have a great day!

Mrs Whybrow