Thursday 4th Feb

Hello, here is the learning for today.

I’d like you to watch this video. It’s like the books ‘Oi Cat’ and ‘Oi Dog’ we have in class.

This is a great rhyming book. I would like you to think of things that rhyme with these animals, just like ni the book.

fish, llamas, deer, vole, bat, mice and gnat.

I can’t wait to see your rhyming sentences.

In class, we have been exploring which child can jump the furthest. Can you draw or make and line as a starting point and then see how far you can jump. If you have a measuring tape you could measure how far you jumped. If you don’t, you can use a can of beans or pieces of spaghetti to measure. Challenge your family members too.

Year one (reception challenge), please can you practise your number bonds to 10. For example, 9+1=10

Reception, can you look at number facts to 5. Look at how many ways we can make 5. Use objects around the house to help. For example, get 3 teaspoons and put them in a pile, then get 2 more and put them in a different pile. Ask your child how many there are all together, then talk about the number sentence, 3 teaspoons add 2 teaspoons equals 5. Use anything around the house.

Have a fun day!

Mrs Whybrow