Creative week Tuesday 9th Feb!

Hello, I hope you are staying safe in the snow. I have been out for a wintery walk and also watching the birds in my back garden.

I love how puffed out this wood pigeon is. Why do you think it has decided to sit like this. I have also seen a Robin and Blue Tits eating from the bird feeder. If you have a garden, watch through the window for 10 minutes and see what wildlife you see. Make me a list, I would love to know what different birds visit you. Maybe you could draw me a picture of your favourite bird if you don’t have access to a garden or don’t have any bird visitors to note.

Yesterday, we were talking about emotions. Today, I would like you to create a mood board for the following emotions. Happy, sad, calm, angry and scared. I would like you to do this over the week, choose an emotion a day.

A mood board usually has colours, pictures, fabrics and words to represent the chosen theme. You can use pictures from comics and magazines, print things from the internet if you like, draw and colour pictures etc.

For example, here is the beginning of my happiness mood board. I have started to fill it with all the things that make me feel happy. I may include words like baking with my children and watching movies too.

Try this maths game too. I would like you to choose the counting on please. Start with numbers between 10 and 20, then one on for difficulty.

Have fun.

Mrs Whybrow