World explorers 7th January!

Hello and I hope all is going well. Today I would like to start with a shake break. It’s important to keep moving during the day.

Now you are awake let’s begin our journey around the world. Now yesterday I asked you to find out about the Amazon but it occurred to me that we need to talk about it’s position on the globe in relation to the Continents and Oceans. I did ask you find find out which Continent it was located in so you have a head start!

I would like you to use this fun BBC Bitesize game to find out the following:

There are 5 Oceans, name them. There are 7 Continents, name them. Choose the games Earth Discovery and Ocean Voyage.

Keep hold of this information as you’ll need it tomorrow. This predominantly for Year One but I think Reception will enjoy finding out this information too. It will enhance their Understanding of the World.

Reception Maths today, I would like you to complete this:

It will support counting in a super fun way.

Year ones and those who fancy a challenge in Reception, please complete this:

It is a game the children are familiar with and if you can focus on facts to 10 please.

As usual, keep on reading and spotting sounds around your environment.

Check in again tomorrow.

Mrs Whybrow