Tuesday’s activities 12th January


Well done to the children that sent me a phonics challenge, I hope I have guessed correctly. Ralf, is it a plate? David is it a Paw Patrol puzzle?

Today’s challenge sound is ch.

As it is so chilly outside, I thought our shake break would be quite fitting!

Now yesterday I asked you to research animals found in the rainforest. I would like you to create a poster about the animal you found most interesting. You could make a collage, you could use paints or crayons. Make it as vivid as you can. Year one, I would like to see some fact sentences on your poster. Remember capital letter etc.

Please continue your handwriting practise and phonics games.

Lego challenge: As most of you may have some lego, can you create a jungle run for a small ball. Then challenge your grown up to complete it.

Look forward to getting the next clues for the phonics challenge.

Mrs Whybrow