Tuesday 26th January

Good morning!

Today, we will start of gently with some yoga.

Yesterday, I asked you to look at the African rainforest. Did you find out that the main part is called the Congo? Now, the Congo can be a scary place! There are snakes, spiders and other frightening creatures. I would like you to imagine you are going to take an exploration trip into the Congo and write me a list of all the things you may need to pack. Think of the weather there, what clothes would be appropriate, what about your shoes? How will you get clean drinking water?

I would like you to watch this clip. Talk to your grown up first about what you think Hippos are like. Do you think they are cute, kind, friendly etc?

After you have seen the clip, have you changed your mind or were you right? I’d like you to think about how you would feel if you were in the kayak instead of Steve Backshall.

For a creative task, I’d love to see any models or pictures of a hippo. Be creative!

I shall be posting more Steve Backshall clips daily, he is a very brave explorer!

Mrs Whybrow