Thursday 28th January

I hope you have been enjoying watching the clips of Steve Backshall and the wild animals. Here is another for today!

Wow, how cool was that clip?!

What I would like you to do is compare the cheetah with a domestic pet cat. Think about what was said about the cheetah in the clip, the claws, the head, the spine etc. What similarities and differences can you see between a pet cat and the wild cheetah?

Perhaps you can turn your findings into a Venn diagram! Like this:

the similarities of each animal go in the middle and differences in the outer rings. Reception, you may draw their similarities and differences but Year 1 I expect to see writing. This is one of your Maths targets!


I am going to challenge you to unscramble these animals who live in the jungle or rainforest. Let me know what you think!






Your next challenge is to email me an anagram to unscramble. Make sure it is an animal for me so I don’t get too confused :0

Mrs Whybrow