Thursday 14th January activities.

Hello all, I do hope you are having fun learning at home. I’d like to thank all the parents for supporting your child, you are doing a fantastic job! Believe me, I know how hard it is! (My parent hat on).

In English today, I would like to focus on adjectives. These are words used to describe something.

For example,

We can describe this Parrot as:

beautiful, colourful, red etc

I would like Reception children to talk through describing this Parrot and another animal from the rainforest with their grown ups. If you would like a challenge, write a sentence but remember your Capital letters and full stops.

Year 1; I would like at least three sentences including an adjective about the parrot. Then choose another animal or the habitat to write 3 sentences. Again, remember your Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. It may be helpful to use lined paper to keep your writing from floating on the page. I am looking for the letters to be sitting on the lines.

Maths activities

Reception, try this activity

Year One and the challenge for Reception

Please follow the instruction and try the Number and Place Value section.


We are going to pretend we are in the rainforest. I thought we could make our own rain cloud as an experiment as to why the rain falls from the clouds.

You will need:

A large jar

Shaving foam

Food colouring

A Pipette or something to drop the colour


The food colouring represents the rain, the water the air and the shaving foam a cloud. When you are ready to begin the experiment, spray the foam over the water until it is just above the jar. Drop the food colour in. What happens to the food colouring? Why do you think this happens? Perhaps you can record how long it takes for the run to fall and then reach the bottom of the jar.

I would love to see some photos of your experiment. As always, send them via

Enjoy your activities and see you again tomorrow.

Mrs Whybrow