Our Wonderful World Tuesday 19th January

Hello again,

Yesterday, I asked you to research Sloths, I hope you all enjoyed finding out lots of new information. 

I have a story for you to listen to about a Sloth. I really enjoyed it.

There is also a film, called Zootopia, you might have seen it, with a character who is a Sloth. This is a short clip for you to watch, which I think sums up Sloths perfectly!

Can you describe a Sloth to your grown up? Could you pretend to be a Sloth, think about how it moves, is it quick or slow? How does it move its arms and legs.

Year 1
We are going to focus on adjectives within our sentence writing, they are words we use to describe something. 

Have a look at the picture and think about how you would describe the Sloth. For example, what does his body look like, is it prickly? Is it slimy? Is it fluffy? How does a Sloth move, is it fast or awkward? Slow or graceful? Can you pretend to be a Sloth for your grown up?

Your task is to write me a fact file on a Sloth, using your adjectives within a sentence. Make sure you use exciting adjectives rather than just colours to describe it. If you would like to draw a picture to make your fact file more visually interesting, please do so. .

Remember I’m also looking for capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in your writing.

Below, I have included my favourite clip of a sloth. I think they are beautiful and graceful creatures. I look forward to seeing your work!

Mrs Whybrow