Our wonderful world 20th Jan.

Thank you for all your hard work so far, I hope you are enjoying learning about Sloths, I know I am.

Now, we know now that sloths are herbivores, eating buds and leaves yet sometimes they will eat fruit.

I have found this cool Science experiment which uses an Orange and Baking Soda to explore mixing acids to make a gas, Carbon Dioxide!

I’m excited to see what you thought of the experiment. Can you describe the sensation in your mouth using amazing adjectives?


Here are some word problems for you all.

Sandy the Sloth is having a party. she is inviting 5 friends. All her friends love oranges and she wants to give them 2 each. How many oranges does she need to buy?

During the party, some of Sandy’s balloons pop. She started with 10 and 6 popped, how many are left?

How many slices of cake does Sandy need if she wants all her friends to have a slice at the party and also put one in a party bag?

Have a great day!

Mrs Whybrow