Monday activities 11th Jan.

Hello again, I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend albeit a rather chilly one!

Let’s wake up with one of our favourite shake breaks.

Based on this, I wonder if you could make your own pattern and record it on paper for me to see. Draw the pictures of your pattern and be inventive, you can use shapes but also maybe jungle animals. For example, parrot, parrot, crocodile!

Today’s research project is to find out what animals call the jungle home. How many can you list? It is the habitat for many!

Please remember each animals name has to start with a capital letter as this is a proper noun.

Year one I would like you to describe the climate of the Amazon jungle. Last week I asked you find to find out which category of climate it is. Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

This video will help with both tasks.The key informations found up to 3 mins 34, although the whole clip has super interesting facts about the rainforest.

Challenge the teacher!

So your challenge for the whole week, is to see if you can really make me use my phonics brain. Each day, I will give you a sound and I want you to find something in your house that begins with that letter. Then I want you to write simple descriptions and see if I can guess what you are thinking of. Send in your challenge for me via and I will post my answers on the blog for you to mark!

Monday: p

Tuesday: ch

Wednesday: c

Thursday: o

Friday: g

I look forward to seeing your work.

Mrs Whybrow