Maths – Monday 25th January

Maths today helps me with some problem solving within my house.

I bought these crisps for my children, how many crisps do I have in total?

When I went to get a snack I found this many packs left…

How many have my children eaten? Can you write it as a number sentence please. (e.g. 2-2=0)

I decided to have a pack of mini cheddars. Can you estimate how many I had in a pack?

Can you check how many I actually have? Year 1’s count in you 2’s pattern please. Do I have an even number or an odd number? If I want to share them EQUALLY with my son, how many would we have each? Will there be any left over? If so how many?

Can you represent the number problem in a picture?

Let me know what you think.

Mrs Whybrow