Learning for 25th January

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Let’s get today started with a fantastic fine motor activity. I would like you to try and make an origami butterfly. Watch this tutorial and see how you go.

This week, will will be travelling from the Amazon to the rainforests in Africa.

Can you find Africa on the map? Is Africa a town? City? Continent?

Can you research the rainforests in Africa. Where would you think they are within the continent? Remember what kind of climate they are? Can you remember what the Equator is and where we would find it? If not refresh your memory on this.

You will find some information about the African rainforests here:


I’d like you to find me three interesting facts about the rainforest.

Here is a fun fine motor activity using things around the house. Have a go.

Look out for the maths and phonics tasks on a new blog post!

Mrs Whybrow