It’s February! Learning for 1st Feb.

Welcome to a new month and a new week of learning. I have forgotten how many days are in February, can someone let me know please, I’d be most grateful.

This week, we will be using one of our favourite books to read in class, ‘The monkey with the bright blue bottom’.

This video was read by the author of this book. Can you find out what an author is and what they do? What do we call the person who draws all the pictures? Who is the author of your favourite book? Mine is Lewis Carroll, I love Alice’s adventures in Wonderland!!

Anyway, back to the monkey and his cheeky behaviour. Although the monkey seems be making the wrong choice, he was painting the animals to make them look more interesting and different. If you were the monkey, how would you have painted the animals?Show me some examples by drawing them BUT I would then like you to write a sentence explaining WHY you made the animals that way.

I will give you a sentence starter, “I would paint the (animal name) pink (you choose the colour or pattern) because…” . Year one I would like to see at least 3 animals and I am looking for creative adjectives. Reception, if your grown wants to write your sentence for you that is ok but I want you to tell them exactly what to write. Although, it would be fantastic to see you try.


Year one (Reception challenge) try this place value game. Remember the stick is representing tens and the blocks are representing ones.


Have try of this Geoboard. What shapes can you make for me? Try and make at least 5 different shapes.

Share any work with me as usual to the office email.

Mrs Whybrow