Friday 29th January

Hello and well done on another wonderful week of learning!

Today is a day where I would like you to be the teacher and teach your grown ups some of your class learning songs and activities.

First, I would like you to tell them to join in with a shake break. Make sure they have their listening ears on and freeze at the right time!

Next, I would like you to teach them our months of the year song.

Challenge your grown ups to a maths quiz.

This one is a little trickier!

Try this spot the difference to get your brains ticking.

Finally, watch this Deadly 60 clip and talk about it together. Describe what you saw, talk about how you would feel if it were you etc.

One more activity I would like you to do, is sit and read your favourite book with your grown up. I would love to see you sharing a story.

As always, send in your wonderful photos via the office. Have a super weekend and I will speak again on Monday!

Mrs Whybrow