Class one learning: Tuesday!

Hello, I hope everyone has managed to have a relaxing and enjoyable family break. I shall be posting daily learning on here for all to access as and when you can. Some learning will be small projects so can take the week to do, others I would like to be completed daily. I’ll point this out within the learning.

I would like both Year groups to complete a mini project. outlining what you have been up to during the break. This could be a poster, a diary, a drawing or turn your experience into a story. Within this I would like to see the highlights (best bits) of this time.

Year One, see if you can identify your verbs when completing the task, I do expect to see some writing from you (and any Reception children who want the challenge).

For maths, I would like you all to carry on with your counting. Reception children, you could use objects around the house for example how many cans of beans are in your kitchen etc. What would one more be?

Year 1 (and YR if you want a challenge), can you focus on your addition and subtraction skills. Again, use objects around the house to help with your accuracy.

Year 1, you should still have your Mymaths login where I have set some additional work. Please contact the office on if you need assistance with this and I’ll get back to you.

Keep going with your tricky words everyone, see if you can find more than your grown ups around the house in books, food packs etc. I bet you can beat your adult!!

Take the time to talk, laugh, bake, red, or draw in addition to the learning. Do the best you can in these exceptional times.

Check the blog again tomorrow, stay safe.

Mrs Whybrow