Monday funday!

Hello, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Here is your learning for Monday. We are moving on from smugglers to the British Armed Forces. The children in class have requested that we do so and are eager to learn more.

So, your first challenge is to identify the 3 elements of the Armed Forces. Then I would like you to tell me who is in overall charge of them all. How did the Armed forces form and when? Why do you think we have them? What do they do for our country? Talk to your grown ups about it.

For maths, I would like you to practise your number bonds to ten.

See how great you are with this game above.

In phonics, I would like you to grab a book from your own library and try and find as many tricky words as you can. Write them down and then count them up at the end. I’d love to hear from you to see how many and which ones. Email me via the office!!

Have a great Monday.

Mrs Whybrow