Thursday’s tasks

Today, I would like you to be the Victorian inventor Alexander Graham Bell! He was the first person to send sound across a telephone wire.

What nationality was Alexander Graham Bell?

In order to create your own telephone you will need;

2 plastic pots like a yoghurt pot

Some string, wool or twine

A knitting needle or similar to use with your adult.

First you need to put holes in the centre of the closed end of the pot. Then you need to thread the string through the holes, making sure the open end is facing outward. Why do you think we need to do this?

Tie your string and pull it tight between you and your adult as you hold the pot. One person speaks and the other listens. What is happening to the sound waves across the string? Why does it have to be tight?

Have fun experimenting!

In maths, I would like you to complete this:

It is a game to recognise odd and even numbers.

For phonics, look at this game:

Please select the digraphs ch and sh to use.

Enjoy the sunshine too. Be safe and drink lots of water!

Mrs Whybrow