Nature day!

Good Morning. As today is meant to be a glorious day, I would like you to do all your learning outdoors.

Your first task is maths. I would like you to gather two types of object, for example leaves and flowers. I would then like you to represent these number sentence using the objects:

5 + 5 =

7 + 3 =

8 + 2 =

So it will look a little like this

What do you notice about the total figure?

Now look at this.

So, if the leaves represent ten and the flowers ones, what number have I created?

For example, if I had one leaf and two flowers I would have the number 12 as it has 1 ten and 2 ones.

For Art, I would like you to create a picture of your favourite place to visit using objects in your garden. Please email in photos when it is complete.

As always, keep up with your phonics. Watch a Geraldine the giraffe today. I would like you to find the video of the sound ‘u’. What does she find around the house?

Have a fab day, stay safe and don’t forget the suncream!

Mrs Whybrow