Monday 29th June!

Hello Class One! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.

This week, to continue our learning about the British Isles, we are going to be looking at smugglers around our region. Smugglers were people who made some poor choices! They stole from others and made lots of money from what they did.

We will begin with the Peldon smugglers! Peldon is in our area near Tolleshunt D’arcy! The smugglers did not hide their loot in the cellars of the Peldon Rose Pub, but hid their stash in the pond next to it! Why do you think this was a good place to hide their treasure? Whom were they hiding it from?

The smugglers peddled their loot up the Blackwater Estuary! Research the route from the sea to the Blackwater Estuary (it runs behind the school field!)

Are there any famous smugglers that hid their treasure in the Peldon Rose? What can you find out about it?

For maths, I would like you to try this Mummy game which practises your number bonds to ten.

For phonics please work through this:

Please choose CVC words and one other grapheme to practise. I will reiterate the importance of practising your phonics whilst you are not in school. To be ready for Year One in September, you must keep up with your phonics up to phase 3. Reading a bedtime or afternoon story will help your child immensely. Please don’t forget the importance of this skill, even if your child is following along with your reading and picking out sounds that they recognise.

As always, I welcome any work photos to be sent to

Enjoy your day, find out lots of info about the Peldon Smugglers!!!

Mrs Whybrow