Monday 22nd June.

Morning, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This week we are continuing our Royal theme but moving back in time.

I would like you all to be time explorers and research Queen Victoria. Find the answers to these questions:

When did she become Queen?

How long was her reign?

Who was her husband?

How many children did she have?

She was famous for wearing a particular garment, what was it?

For maths today, I would like you to look at money. Play this toy shop game and look at the coins.

In phonics today, I would like you to try and make some words using these sounds:

s, a, t, p, i, n,

m, d, g, c, k, ck

r, l, h, u, f, b

It can be any word using these sounds. Please also practise sound recognition in your own books. The sounds above are phase 2 which your children should be secure with.

Have a great day.

Mrs Whybrow