A special birthday!

Hello Class One. There is a very special birthday this weekend (13th June), it is Queen Elizabeth II’s special day. How old will she be? How old was she 10 years ago (10 less) and how old will she be in 10 years from now? (10 more).

Watch some of this video. It tells you all about the celebration that happens in London on the Queen’s birthday.

It is a long video so scroll through and listen to snippets.Look at all of the Royal family who are attending. How many can you name?

Year One I would you to pretend that you are a news reporter covering the Queen’s birthday celebration. Can you research what the front page of a newspaper looks like? Does it have a title? How do you know it is a title? What type of vocabulary can you see? Are there lots of exciting adjectives? Are the sentences short or long?

I would like you to try and create a news story using exciting adjectives, remembering the story has to be really interesting. What nouns and verbs will you include?

Reception can you think of some describing words (adjectives) about the celebration you have watched from the clip. Write the down if you can. Remember to use your phonics knowledge to sound out.

I look forward to seeing your work. Have a brilliant weekend and I can’t wait another exciting week of learning to come.

Mrs Whybrow