Hello, we have made it to the middle of the week. I am impressed with the learning that I have seen so far.

We are going to begin today’s learning with some step by step art. It is such a brilliant way to learn to draw and the results are always brilliant. (Remember our giraffes!)

We are going to be learning about materials today in Science. Imagine you are designing some work wear for Percy the Park Keeper. He needs an outfit for each type of weather he may encounter. I would like you to think about what materials you would need to create a coat for the winter, what does it need to be able to do? Would you use thin cottons or thick materials? If it is raining, what could you use? If it is super hot, how could he keep cool?

Have a look around your house for materials that are waterproof, warm, light and heavy, thin and thick. I would like you test the materials out for suitability.

Then I would like you to design some outfits and label the materials you would use. Year One I would like you to write down your reasons for choosing that material, Reception I would like you to talk about it with your grown up.

Have fun with this activity, put your imaginary science lab jacket on and explore!

I look forward to seeing some photos of your designs.

Mrs Whybrow