VE day celebrations!

Happy VE day or Victory in Europe Day! This is a special day and marks the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.

Join in with celebrations on this special day and to commemorate those who showed great resilience and bravery throughout that difficult time.

Activity ideas:

Create some VE bunting to decorate your house/garden with. Bunting was a great way to decorate during the war. They used different pieces of cloth and their sewing skills back then.

Medal design: Design your very own medal of honour for those who have fought bravely. If you need inspiration think of medals like the Victoria Cross.

Wordsearch/Crossword: research key words linked to VE day (like victory, Europe…) and create your own wordsearch/crossword puzzle

Researching someone who was involved in WW2 (Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, someone local you know to have been involved …).

Create your own ‘victory’ party leaflet/flyer. Mr Hopegood has shared this one.

This video will tell you a little more about what VE day is all about:

Please send in photos of your VE day celebrations!