Tuesday’s learning

Good morning, hope everyone is well.

Today, we are going to be focusing on music and putting it to a clip. I would like you to rewatch yesterday’s Little Red Hen story. Take note of the sounds you can hear when Hen goes off screen. It is interesting that we do not actually see her thrashing the corn or it growing but we hear it. What do you imagine when you hear these sounds?

I would like you to mute the video and recreate the story, adding sound effects using anything you can find in the house. It would be fun if you could give the characters funny voices too. Get your grown ups involved too to help with the voices!

I would also really love to see some craft showing your favourite scene in the story. Be creative and use mixed materials. Build a junk model barn!

Tomorrow, we will be focusing on how things grow.

Have a great day, keep active on your bikes, scooters or trampolines.

Mrs Whybrow