Monday’s activities

Good Morning, I hope you have had a great weekend.

Let’s start today with yoga to get us up and going.

I hope you enjoyed the story in the yoga lesson. Betsy had 3 wishes granted by the wish butterfly. How amazing would that be if we had 3 wishes?

I would like you to think about three wishes you would like to be granted. Would you like to be able to swim like a dolphin? Would you like to be a race car driver? Would you like an endless supply of chocolate?

Write down your three wishes! After you have written your wishes, can you use your imagination and draw a picture of who would grant your wishes. What do they look like? Are they big or small? What colour are they? Do they have wings or a wand? Once you’ve drawn this, maybe you could label them using some wonderful adjectives.

Year one, if you want a challenge, write yourself a mini story about your wishes.

Finally, I would like you to watch this story about Percy the park keeper. This will inform the learning for the rest of the week.

Mrs Whybrow