It’s Friday!

Hello Class One, it’s Friday and I would like to say well done on another week of fabulous learning. I have enjoyed seeing your pictures come in of your wonderful work.

Today, I would you to create some questions about your learning so far ready for our Zoom class next Tuesday. It would be a fun idea to quiz one another.

Examples of questions could be as follows:

What is a Chrysalis?

Who is Saint Francis of Assisi the patron saint of?

Which animals wouldn’t help the Little Red Hen?

Name a part of a plant

When creating your questions, make sure you know the answer too!

I hope you enjoyed the salt dough activity yesterday, if you didn’t manage to complete it, try and do the activity today.

For Literacy/Phonics today, I would like you to get a little messy (sorry parents). I would like you to write words in some flour and get your grown ups to read what you have written. Make sure you think really carefully about your formation, then your grown up can read it easily. Remember to sound out as you write with your finger but don’t let your grown up hear you! That’s cheating!

For maths, I would like you to teach your family how to play number tennis. Remember, you do not always have to begin at zero, it can be any number. Think about counting forwards and backwards, count in odds and evens, the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s pattern. See how quick you can get without dropping a number.

The last activity I would like you to think of ready for our Zoom meeting is to find a book from your home library. Read it and then tell me all about it on Tuesday.

Have fun outdoors today and have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Whybrow