Hello Monday

Good Morning everyone, I hope you had a restful weekend.

Today’s learning will help you when you are walking out and about AND when you come back to school. Following on from the natural world theme, I thought we would look at Fungi. It is really important to know that some Fungi are safe, and some poisonous. I have found the following activities to help you learn. Parents it is on the Kew Garden website which also has lots of other wonderful information on there, including a virtual tour!

I will send the activity via parentmail, as it is too large for here. Keep an eye out for it!

In Science, I would like you to conduct an experiment. I would like you to find a flower with light coloured petals. Place it in some water which has been coloured using food dye (if you do not have food dye, improvise with bleeding a felt tip pen in the water).

What do you think will happen to the flower? Predict this before you investigate.

I would like you to consider these factors when conducting your experiment.

Time (for any change to be noticeable if at all)

What is happening to the flower? What part of the flower is being used and what function is it performing?

I hope it works for you all as it is a lovely STEM activity.

Remember Y1, you can record your experiment on paper and maybe we can compile some data and make a graph if you send me your work!

Mrs Whybrow