Friday’s here!

It’s Friday! Well done for another week of successful learning

Let’s begin the day by waking up with a shake break.

Reception maths today is as follows:

Year One, can you attempt to turn the pictures above into an array. (Columns and rows to help with multiplication) You will have to add one more to the wheel barrows and take one away from the foxes. Have a try!

Your next task is to think of some rhyming words for the following:

Fox, park, mouse, mole, shed, grass, tree, path, boots

I would like you to then turn the two rhyming words into silly sentences. For example, The tree could see a boy eating a toy.

Reception talk these over with your grown ups and Year one write them down. Finally, I think you could make your sentence even better and sillier by including an adjective.

The humungous purple tree could see a blue boy eating a large toy.

Have a try.

Enjoy the sunshine once again, stay safe over the half term and maybe see you soon.

Mrs Whybrow