St George’s day!

Happy Saint George’s day to everyone! Saint George was chosen to be the patron saint of England by King Edward ||| for his remarkable bravery in a time where there was so much suffering.

Let’s all take on St George’s bravery today and do something remarkable, whether that’s continuing with your remarkable learning, doing something kind for someone, or being brave (Miss Jenkins has already been saved from a spider this morning – an act of bravery from her partner!). Class 2 were supposed to teach Miss Jenkins about St George’s today, so she is hoping for floods of learning to come in and teach her all your Patron Saint.

Also, today is special day for 2 other people, Prince Louis and William Shakespeare. Looking forward to the research and learning linked with these and finding out why it’s a special day for them as well.

Have a lovely day and keep refreshing this page for your lovely photos!