Friday fun!

Morning class one, apologies for the late post.

Today, I would like you all to find out what Saint Francis of Assisi was the patron saint for. Be prepared for your task on Monday. Hopefully, you can join me Tuesday (parents too) in our online classroom to show and share.

Ok, so today is meant to be super sunny so here is an outdoor challenge for you (it can also be indoors if you are unable to go out). I would like to see if you can construct some scales using basic items around the house. You will need a coat hanger, some string and some kind of bucket or plant pot. If you were to hang the hanger up with the pots attached either end, would you have made a scale? (Parents this does work)

Once done I would like you to investigate the following:

Is one large stone heavier than 4 small stones?

Is a key lighter than a small toy?

Can you find anything that is equal in weight?

Don’t forget to record your findings down to show me on Tuesday! Maybe you can find something else to compare weight?

Keep on with your Phonics and reading, sharing stories and acting them out.

Your last task today is to have a kitchen disco whilst preparing for tea. Sing and dance to your favourite song and get the grown ups in dancing too!

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Whybrow