Even more fun learning for Monday.

Good morning Class one. In addition to the games I have set I would like you to complete some more tasks for me.

Last week I asked you to research Saint Francis of Assisi. I would like you to answer the following questions and write them down if you can (Year one I am expecting you to do so).

Who was Saint Francis of Assisi?

What was he the patron Saint of?

What kind deeds did he do?

Was he rich or poor when he grew up?

Tell me one more fact about him.

Once you have done this task, I would like you to create an animal sanctuary. Be really creative with this, you could use junk modelling, you could draw a sanctuary, you could use lego, just go with your creative flow.

Remember, you can show this to me tomorrow in our online class. I am really looking forward to seeing some of you.

I would also like you to tell your grown ups 3 positive things you are grateful for. For example, I tell my children that I am grateful they are safe, they are happy and I love them. Maybe you could think of something lovely for your grown ups. Put a smile on their face.

Have a good day, stay safe and come back tomorrow for more learning.

Mrs Whybrow