Useful Websites

Due to circumstances, I would like to point you towards the following websites to help with your child’s education at home. Despite the call to close schools, staff are no less dedicated to ensuring that children gain the best education possible irregardless of whether your child is in school or not. I am aware that some terminology and topic matter that is part of the Primary Curriculum will not be as clear to parents as to those in the education profession. The following websites, as well as work set by teachers, should hopefully help to clear up some of your questions.

Twinkl is an excellent site to look for resources. It’s divided clearly into different curriculum areas, with presentations and worksheets available for much of the curriculum. You are best off searching through the ‘Curriculum aims’ section for your child’s key stage and year group – then picking the topic they need to work on. Twinkl is currently offering a free month of its most comprehensive membership for any parents and carers. I would definitely take them up on this offer!

Setting this up is really easy to do – go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Phonics Play is also offering free access as well. This site focuses on phonics and spelling through Key Stage 1 – however I wouldn’t dismiss using it if you have a child you want to help with spelling in Key Stage 2. Not only does the site contain a lot of games for children to play, but also some good descriptions of terminology used in phonics. Follow this link and the instructions on the site to access.

MyMaths is the platform we will be using to set regular maths work that children can complete online. If you hunt around, lessons and guidance are also available on the different topics covered. Your child will already have been given a logon to access this.

BBC Bitesize remains a useful website. There are various online tasks, as well as lessons and explanations of topics.

Topmarks is an excellent site for games and activities. It is full of quick games and activities for daily practice in English and Maths, as well as links to sites for other subjects.

NCETM. If you look under teaching resources you can find various maths activities divided into the different curriculum areas. There are good activities on this site to stretch maths learning further. You may need a free sign-up for this site.

NRICH – This is an excellent site for maths problems and challenges. There are several resources, both interactive activities and questions, that really help children’s problem solving and reasoning skills.

Literacy Shed – This site has excellent stimuli and ideas to generate writing. If you’re ever stuck for writing ideas – this is the place to go!

Pobble365 – Another great site for stimulating writing. This has a daily picture with writing prompts and starters. It is invaluable as a writing and discussion tool no matter what your child’s age.

Oxford Owl – A very useful site. Not only does this site contain a lot of useful explanations for parents around curriculum terminology, it also has a swathe of free e-books that you can read – some with comprehension questions as well. This is an excellent site to help with reading. A free account is required.

The expectation is that education continues while the school is closed to most pupils. As stated in this morning’s Parent Mail, teachers will be setting daily tasks that will need to be completed. Hopefully, the above sites will help give some guidance in completing this work.

I wish you all the best and am safe in the knowledge that we can continue to support each-other through these uncertain times.


Mr. Este